"Views" is Viz.'s newest section, and will host permanent site content, primarily interviews of prominent visual rhetoric/communication scholars and reviews of their works.

Interview of Robert Hariman and John Louis Lucaites, the authors of No Caption Needed. Posted February 16th, 2009.

Interview of Roberto Tejada on Twentieth-Century Mexican Photography. Posted March 2nd, 2009.

Interview of Jan Eliot, Creator of the comic "Stone Soup." Posted April 15th, 2009.

Interview of Zack Booth Simpson, an Austin-based game designer, artist, and biology researcher. Posted January 21st, 2010.

Interview of Maureen R. Drennan, a New York photographer and finalist in the New York Times DotEarth blog/Artist as Citizen Burning Embers Competition. Posted February 9, 2010.

Interview of Drs. Michelle Dvoskin and Shelley Manis, late of the Performance as Public Practice program at the University of Texas at Austin, on performance analysis and pedagogy. Posted August 18, 2010.

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