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Case in Point...

See this earlier discussion of iconographic photography on the campaign trail.

Hillary Clinton and the Devil

First spotted at Wonkette

Photography and Kairos

Continuing with the recent trend of discussing the fallacies of photography, as well as pictures with guns in them:

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin holding assault rifle

John Updike on the history of the snapshot

history of snapshots

The New Yorker recently published an essay by John Updike on the National Gallery of Art’s exhibition “The Art of the American Snapshot 1888-1978.” The essay contains some information on the history of snapshots, and analysis of the same. Read more about John Updike on the history of the snapshot

The Torture/d Aesthetic

The Torture Aesthetic

Photo by Marcio Madeira for; first spotted at Boing Boing So I'm not surprised to see that this particular aesthetic has made its way onto the runways and into the designs of John Galliano; I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner (maybe it has? anyone?). What's interesting to me is the particular form these designs take, with their unmistakably medieval inflection: these designs are as much about the Inquisition as they are about Guantanamo. Is this trenchant (or maybe obvious) political critique, drawing a connection between the draconian measures of the Bush administration (so barbaric! so medieval!)? Or does it go too far, making light of serious infractions by implicitly connecting Lynndie England with court jesters and clowns?

Flickr hosts LOC photos; Smithsonian next?

The Library of Congress has created its own Flickr homepage and posted 3,000 public-domain photos to the site. This first collection of the LOC’s 14 million images is part of a pilot project called “The Commons.” The images are labeled with the photographer’s name and short descriptions, but the LOC is relying on Flickr’s users to provide tags for the images.

Collins, Marjory, 1912-1985,  1943 March, United Nations exhibit by OWI in Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. View of entrance from 5th Avenue

This is a fantastic idea. Not only is it great for the public, who will have easier access to these images, it should be great for the LOC, who are offloading to resource-intensive tasks—cataloguing and hosting the images—to a service that will do them both for free.

Image as argument


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