Visual Rhetoric

Etch-a-sketch genius

I had to share this.
George Vlosich's Etch-A-Sketch drawing of Michael Jordan
If you go to George Vlosich's website you will see his extensive collection of Etch-A-Sketch drawings, one of which is pictured below. In the "Early Times" section of his website, you can find this description of his work:

This is what a feminist looks like

On Feministing the bloggers who write for the site have started vlogging (video blogging). These first vlogs feature several of the website's various writers explaining how they came to be involved with the site.

Skin = Liberation?

Recently on Muslim Media Watch , a blog post discussed what the author termed "Veil Fetish Art" (full disclosure: I found a link to this article while I was reading ).

A painting by Makan

A Serious Post about Legos?

Behold, the generic and intimidating Lego "Bad Guy" for their new Indiana Jones series:generic Lego bad guy


As you may realize, Lego is engaging in a bit of revisionism: in the original films (at least in the first and third films), the "Bad Guys" were Nazis. Yet notice here that something is conspicuously absent from this little guy (in Lego lingo, a "minifig")...

Plastic protest

In October I posted about Graziano Cecchini , who dyed the Trevi Fountain red in an effort to protest the Rome FIlm Festival. Recently Cecchini struck again, sending “half a million multi-colored plastic balls” down Rome's Spanish Steps.

Plastic balls cascading down Rome's Spanish Steps

Images of the Statue of Liberty in science fiction

Gerry Canavan has posted a collection of images of the Statue of Liberty taken from science fiction stories and films.
Fantastic Universe, August-September 1953 cover Statue of Liberty in sand

Visual analysis of the Strait of Hormuz incident

Lucaites at No Caption Needed has posted an interesting analysis of the recent dustup between the U.S. and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. According to Lucaites, the argument that the Bush administration has tried to make about the incident through the images—photos and video—released by the U.S., “relies upon two optics or visual logics, one drawing upon a Cold War consciousness and the other drawing upon the logic of the ‘suicide bomber.’ ”

“I don’t give a damn about Paris Hilton”

Jezebel picked up on a story in the Washington Post and the The Daily Telegraph about the surprising shared cameraman (Nick Ut) behind the following well-known photographs:
juxtaposition of Nick Ut's images of war and Paris Hilton

Suicide Food on your lunch break?

After running out of passive aggressive notes to look at when taking breaks from my work, I began branching out to the various blogs mentioned on the website. My newest favorite is Suicide Food. What is suicide food, one might ask?

Arapahoe Pig Roasters sign from the Suicide Food website

For those of you interested in cartoons...

Wonkette runs a weekly feature in their "Joke and Dagger Department" in which they get the "Comics Curmudgeon" to look at the week's political cartoons. This week focuses on the (wo)man-beasts slouching towards the White House:
political cartoon: GOP pet store

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