Holy Man*

So earlier this week, I'm checking my news online and I come across this photo of Barack Obama:

a photo of Barack Obama standing at a podium.  The spotlight behind him gives a halo effect

I immediately flagged it and sent it off to some friends and family. "What a smart photographer," said my sister Karin. It's not often that photographers get a chance to document a mundane event while also documenting the metaconversation happening across the country. Not only does Obama look like he has a halo around his head and torso, but the photo (at least online) is so flat it looks like a 15th-century painting. If he had had two fingers raised rather than one, I'd have titled this entry "The Second Coming".

(*Read this title two ways: put the stress on 'holy' and it describes the effect of the picture; put the stress on 'man'--holy man--and you get an a propos exclamation!)

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