Dylan's Theme Time Radio enters the visual realm

Those of you who subscribe to XM satellite radio may have come across Bob Dylan's weekly radio show Theme Time Radio. Recently comic artist Jamie Hernandez created an imaginative promotional poster for the show.
bob dylan's theme time radio poster by jamie hernandez

Boing Boing reader Simon Nielsen took Hernandez's poster one step futher and made a short movie tribute using Hernandez's artwork and the audio from Ellen Barkin's evocative voiceovers that open each episode of Theme Time Radio Hour. Nielsen writes:

"Barkin introduces each episode of Theme Time Radio Hour with an evocative vignette describing the nocturnal activities of the restless characters living in the big city. It is from these spoken word vignettes that Hernandez was inspired to create his artwork. The illustration is detailed with many of Ellen Barkin's night time characters - some asleep, some consumed in thought, others burning the midnight oil long into the night. Prostitutes, homeless men, drunks, lost souls and lovers intersect near a street corner of the Abernathy building. I was so fascinated by the world within this poster I set about finding all the spoken word vignettes and weaving them together into a whole. I started from show number one and worked my way through the spoken word introductions of all 50+ episodes of Theme Time Radio Hour. The following movie is my modest attempt to bring to life the inhabitants of the mythical Abernathy Building and the art created by Jaime Hernandez."

One can find a bliptv link to the movie here

I find the amateur video a striking example of how one can very easily but also very evocatively join the visual elements to the auditory, to create something new, an enhanced experience of both media transferred into a third. It also seems a good example/model for a student exercise to make a movie using a single image to tell a story/make an argument by exploring it in depth and detail, joined with audio commentary.

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